We provide the solution 

NY Lice Out utilizes an OrganicAll Natural
safe solution for head lice removal from you, your family, and your home. 

We never use Hazardous chemicals or shampoos 




Safe Effective & Proven Method 

Over time, Head Lice have developed immunity to many of the harsh shampoos and pesticides, therefore not working to remove head lice. 

Using our unique and thorough method, we will remove all Lice and Nits from the head, as well as Check, and Re-check, until all lice is fully & guaranteed removed. Our procedure in extracting head lice is all natural, organic and painless.  In addition, we will advise you how to keep a Lice free home.

Make an appointment at our offices in Brooklyn, NY or we can come to you. 
Safe, Discreet, All work guaranteed. 
Our reputation is build on customer satisfaction. 

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"With One Call Your Problem is Solved"
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With only one treatment you will be Lice & Nit Free 

Our reputation is built on satisfied clients, which include families,
and institutions (Schools, Camps, Day Care).

Note: We do not charge by the hour, 
Our Professional service is done on a "Flat Rate" 

Preventive Maintenance is taught to all our clients

Rozie Tawil Founder
Natural Organic Method
We make house calls, or you can come to us
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